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Tygon® LFL

Tygon LFL


Tygon® Long Flex Life pump tube for general applications in the lab and industry and a long service life.

highly transparent, temperature resistance from -54 to 74°C, Shore hardness A 56, autoclavable, max. bending fatigue strength of all transparent Tygon® tubes, extremely low particle detachment, broad chemical resistance, long service life

Code-No. Description  
95212011 Tygon® LFL, ID 1,6 mm
95212013 Tygon® LFL, ID 3,2 mm
95212015 Tygon® LFL, ID 4,8 mm
95212016 Tygon® LFL, ID 6,4 mm
95212017 Tygon® LFL, ID 8 mm